Saturday, 12 September 2009

What's wrong with football?

Please tell me what is wrong with football? I am sick and tired of meeting men that say "I don't like football, you'll be glad to hear" teamed with a Cheshire Cat grin.
You know what? I'm not glad to hear! I don't mind football, I actually prefer men that like football. I'm turned on by passionate men. Men that are passionate full stop, football here is a good example, as the testosterone that accompanies football also fuels my fantasies.
For me, it used to be a win/win dating a football supporter. If his team won - we would meet up and have a celebratory shag, if his team lost - we would meet up and have a consolation-make-it-all-better-shag. One of my most sex-filled and satisfying afternoons was when I was promised a sexual favour for every goal that was scored, his team scored four goals that day. I've just realised how much more sex we had on (weekend) match days than non-match days.
There wasn't just a benefit sexually, he was less restless during the football season, full of focus and the weekend papers would be brought to me with haste.
I like football. I like footballers. And, of course, I like men that have the stamina to run/train and play for that amount of time each week and then have a kick-about for fun not to mention the legs.
Could one write about footballers without a small dedication to the beauty of firm quads? How about when you're being taken from behind and you can feel his legs softly brush against your buttocks?
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