Friday, 25 September 2009

Too much information

If you are squeamish please don't read on or make a cup of sugar-riddled tea and then decide.
I'm having a hectic week, meetings being added last minute, changed, cancelled and then not-cancelled. I managed to have a two-hour session with Jason last night before having to go to a meeting over dinner.
The moment I saw Jason I could have eaten him, so fresh-faced and eager, his mouth tasted great in fact kissing him was intense, hard tongue kissing then soft tender embraces, it was as if we hadn't seen each other for a month not earlier this week.
The sex was incredible (although his Cheshire-cat grin was a little full on), it was wanton, and actually now thinking about it more romantic as I thought it had been, when you want to kiss someone as you come it adds a different dimension for me...
He makes cute noises to complement his every thrust until he pulled out - BLOOD EVERYWHERE - I was so not expecting that *said in the accent of a young American teenstress*.
I mean everywhere. If pictures were taken it would have looked like a crime scene.
I'm pretty good at judging my period and I didn't have it pencilled in until the weekend. He was fine about it but it caught me unaware. For about fifteen minutes.
Cue lots of laundry and my own Cheshire-cat grin.
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