Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Three Os a Lady

As promised (in his titillating note) Jason greeted me with a deep kiss, it was a strong kiss, not too soft or too overbearing and the right amount of tongue. Talk about great impression and immediately being swept off my feet. We have had drinks before but still I was a more than a little nervous about meeting.
Skipping to the sauciness.
I was dressed in a lucky dress (I have a few to choose from!), fuck-me-heels and as he discovered stockings and suspenders. I love wearing stockings even if they are under jeans or a casual outfit, they make me feel sexy and his eyes lit up in the style of a cartoon character when he felt them under my dress.
It turned into a cosy night in without the DVD or wine!
I didn't realise how greedily I tried to get his shirt off and I had to remind myself to calm and slow down. As I straddled his lap, I could feel his erection through both our clothes and noticed how his breathing was deep and soft, he has just he right amount of stubble - so you can feel it brush against your skin but not so it was cutting.
He removed my top, and took some time getting acquainted with my breasts. I never know what to do at that time, especially as I was standing in front of him, I stroked his neck and shoulders while he liberated my breasts from their lace cage, he spent an eternity kissing the nipples until they were hard, too hard! Too hard being when they are so hard and pert that even a small touch can cross the line from pleasure to pain. He spun me round to examine my body with his lips.
His erection was escaping his boxers, it was tumescent and red. I took it in my hands and he made cute noises when I got to the tip with each movement, he started to stroke my clitoris which made me even more wanton.
In my head I have a hierarchy of intimacy (it needs a dedicated post to explain it), certain acts depend on how I am feeling and how comfortable I am, at this point I was still a little nervous with no Dutch courage inside of me but extremely turned on.
I think he was heading towards giving me oral when I announced that I wanted him to take me from behind doggy style. He obliged, well he reached for a condom, then obliged. His penis was amazing, the head of his cock just rubbed my g-spot the right way from the get-go. I was able to come twice, the first time quickly, almost by surprise, the second time was deep and all-consuming.
Twenty minutes later he was hard again, I gave him a lube-aided hand-job leading to another roll in the sheets - I was so wet, the moistness almost made me a little self conscious, he started slowly with him on top, then him behind, and both of us very sweaty. We both came at the same time (I love it when that happens) and fell onto the bed in a post-orgasmic mess.
I never know how or when I will come with new lovers, I know my body well enough to help it along the way but three orgasms with a new lover within an hour is pretty amazing - not to mention the feeling of coming together.
He came across as genuinely sincere, with a libido to rival my own and he had the ability to be overtly sexual without sounding crass or pervy.
We're going to try and catch up again at the end of the week for a rematch.
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