Monday, 28 September 2009

Three hours...

One my male friends, the horniest in fact informed me of his planned seven days of abstinence. He is abstaining from sex, all sexual acts including any indulging in self-love. Rule 4.2 allows him to play with his todger but does not allow him to bring himself to ejaculation.
He challenged me to join him in a week of abstaining, to which I replied "easy-peasy" (with the contractual amendment allowance of a play with Jason), game on.
Around three hours later Royal Mail actually managed to get me some post and after a ten day wait a new pocket rocket arrived, without hesitation, I gave the shiny new pocket rocket a test drive.
The aforementioned challenge completely slipped my mind. I couldn't even go a day!
Feeling like an Elaine Benis, I'm prematurely out of the running but haven't as yet admitted to my friend my mishap, maybe he'll give me a second chance!
I have spoken with the aforementioned friend and requested the need for a do-over, I've never heard a man in his thirties laugh so hard! He's going to think about it.
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  1. no fess up and tell your friend your weak :) You will both have a good laugh.


  2. I've sent him a text asking how he is doing? Ending with the phrase - I bet I am hornier than you.

    Three hours though!! I thought I could manage a couple of days at least...