Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Solar-panelled sex toys please

Reading this potential scare article about electricity blackouts in England within the next eight years. My essential gadgets would have to be my phone, laptop and sex toys. And it did set a little panic inside me which I am sure it was meant to [insert rant here about selling utilities off - did the Tories* not play monopoly as children?].
When choosing a new sex toy I try and always go with one that can be charged by the mains - there is nothing more destructive to a self-applied-orgasm than it running out of juice before you get to where you need to go - not to mention having battery supplies stocked.
So please manufacturers of sex toys, please can you bear in mind power supplies of the future, the happiness of British men and women as individuals and couples may depend on it - maybe a solution will be solar-powered or wind-up! A world with limited electricity is one thing. A world with limited power for vibrators is quite another.
It might be time to start getting some manual stimulation practice in just in case. Like I need an excuse.
* I assumed it was the Conservative party as I was brought up on the understanding that the root of evil could be traced back to Thatcher at some point. After some fact checking the electricity privatisation happened around 1990-91.
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  1. 1990-1991 was still the Tories, though post Thatch her presence was still omnipresent...