Tuesday, 8 September 2009

The Slave Factor

My usual reaction to my fantasies is to allow them ladyplay time and leave them at that. That is probably why I am super surprised at myself for acting on the dominated/dominate one. I will be, wait for it, I can hardly believe I am actually doing this either(!), holding auditions for a subservient male. A slave boy. A man to tender to my every whim and fancy.
I have a shortlist of two to choose from. The two potential slaves are opposites in physicality, relationship status, job and location.
Initially I specified non-sexual as if it were sex role-play I wanted I would involve a lover. With a relationship though casual or otherwise there are always different boundaries. Humiliation can only go so far as you care for them, otherwise there wouldn't be the relationship. Also with the vice-versa, your mindset needs to be strong enough to change roles as and when.
In the times I have previously tried this, sometimes I am not in the mindset of it being my turn to be dominant, especially after a long day at work. So as said I will be looking for two men to fulfill my needs; one master, one slave.
In saying that I want to explore this without a sexual relationship am I admitting that I would prefer to be doing this with a trusting significant other? I'm not sure.
I am still looking for a master.
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