Thursday, 10 September 2009

Shitting. Doorstep.

I am good at not sleeping with men in the same group of friends. Actually I am usually pretty good at not sleeping with men in the same group of friends.
Out with some friends and a ex-lover's friend from Uni showed up, he was flirting with me outrageously to the point of playing footsies under the table. With just him and I at the bar, he asked "how about it?", I explained my history, my albeit brief sexual history with my male friend. He said he knew and that my so-called friend/ex-lover had given him the green light!
I was so very offended. I was not to be 'passed round' with permission, did he think he owned the key to my secret garden?
When we went back to the table, I sat in a different seat and ignored his footsies attempts. I'm still not sure why I reacted so strongly. After I calmed down his charm started to work wonders and by then the ex-lover had long gone home.
I did end up going home with my new found friend and his sexual abilities were firm and strong which is also how I would describe his erection, not to mention incredible girth. He had an insatiable appetite and we also then had sex twice in the morning. I love morning sex, great morning sex even more so, great morning sex with the hardest erection ever seen even even more so.
I feel that I might be compromising on my morals more than I used to.
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  1. LoL no you will be fine until you sleep with two brothers in 24hrs :)