Monday, 28 September 2009

Ready, set, go...

At the weekend I gave someone the task of knocking one out in four minutes. I thought this would be ample time and I like the delegation of such tasks.
It did make me think back to when I was in a sexless relationship yet really fucking horny. Being in love can do that to a person, emotions and hormones at a peak an' all. I used to give myself goals, sometimes it they were qualitative and sometime quantitive but kept my mind occupied on not allowing the love I felt for my then-boyfriend turn to hatred.
My favourite task I succeeded in and believe me it took a considerable time of practice was being about to come to orgasm - start to finish - within the 30 seconds of the Countdown music.
This was when Countdown was repeated at around six in the morning, maybe it still is. I would set my alarm for six and just go for it. My inner-competitor wouldn't let me stop practising until I had nailed it.
Even now listening to that last ding gives me a little quiver.
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