Monday, 14 September 2009

Party pleasure

And calm.
What do you do when the love of your life, five years after you break up with him, gets engaged to somebody else? Overreact? Act out? Both?
I sent him an email wishing him my most sincere congratulations, at the time there were sincere, I want him to be happy.
At a party and x amount of strong martinis later and I started to feel a little emotional. I started flirting with another guest, we have been to the same parties before but not spoken more than polite hellos and goodbyes. We flirted, kissed, very publicly, which then led to very drunken kissing in the toilets, leading to a blow job, yes, in the toilets. He came back to mine, but we were too drunk to have sex, when I say we, he was too drunk to get it fully erect, I was too drunk to put a condom on the right way. Cue more kissing, he tasted of cider and cigs.
After I wake, I realise that our behaviour is the talk of facebook statuses and I already have two text messages along the lines of "I thought you were going to behave" and "no more shitting on your doorstep?".
The shame. The shame.
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