Thursday, 3 September 2009

My new favourite: Missionary

The missionary position used to be among my least favourite until recently. Oh my god. Not a phrase I use lightly in bed, but oh my god. I was in the hands of a sex master. I intend to reclaim the missionary position and make it mine, all mine.
I started on top, he tried to move me so he could be on top, I coyly suggested doggy but he persisted in wanting to be on top.
His weight was perfectly balanced on my clitoris from the get go, I could feel my orgasm working from the tips of my fingers, toes and hair follicles, my breathing heightened, our thrusting and moving in tandem, his big hands cupping my buttocks and it felt like a stress had been lifted from every other part of me, I wanted to be in that moment of euphoria forever.
I had the hardest, longest orgasm, I come back to consciousness and find he hasn't come, but he is still gently thrusting, he asks how I feel, I can barely reply with the word amazing. He moves his hands to my breasts, my nipples are so hard, he gently kisses my neck, moving slowly to roundness of my breasts to the nipple, they are about to burst. I can't help but call out his name again and again and again. I go to kiss him, our tongues feel electric as they touch each other.
He continues to thrust slowly, with precision, and I start to panic as I start to come again, it's too much too soon, it's long and hard, my breathing is so irregular, we come at the same time and take about five minutes of just lying there to recover. He smiles smugly, he knows exactly what he has just be a part of.
Not just an mind-blowing orgasm in the missionary position but a mind-blowing multiple orgasm in the missionary.
I need to feel that depth of orgasm again, that weight in between my legs, my legs open as wide as can be filled with orgasmic euphoria.
I am going in search of a repeated discovery. All aboard.
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