Monday, 21 September 2009

Mini death

I find that just before I orgasm, I feel a mild panic, I know that it's coming (no pun intended) and I have to let it happen, and have no control which can be a little embarrassing with extraneous (unexpected) noises, facial expressions and pure grinding.
But it is that moment of letting go that I crave for in satisfying masturbation and when with partners.
Reading the effect on organs during a woman's orgasm. If there was ever a reason to strive for a healthy body inside and out to increase effective blood flow and organ efficiency the levels of orgasm has to be an important one.
Levels of orgasm:
Level One
Energised organs - Lungs
Observable response - The woman sighs, breathes heavy, salivates
Level Two
Energised organs - Heart
Observable response - Woman extends tongue to her lover while kissing
Level Three
Energised organs - Spleen, Pancreas, Stomach
Observable response - Woman grasps and holds man tightly with activated muscles
Level Four
Energised organs - Kidneys, Bladder
Observable response - Vaginal spasms and secretions flow
Level Five
Energised organs - Bones
Observable response - Joints loosen and she may feel the urge to bite her lover
Level Six
Energised organs - Liver, Nerves
Observable response - Woman undulates and gyrates like a snake, wrapping limbs around her lover
Level Seven
Energised organs - Blood
Observable response - Blood boiling, she frantically touches her lover everywhere
Level Eight
Energised organs - Muscles
Observable response - Muscles relax. Urge to bite intensifies as she grabs her lover's nipples
Level Nine
Energised organs - Entire Body Energised
Observable response - Woman collapses in "mini death", surrenders to her lover and is completely open
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  1. La petite mort. It's good to die a little every now and again.

  2. very cool and very hot at the same time...
    I have rarely read such a good description of female orgasm.
    Being a man, I have often wondered what it feels like
    so thank you for that and for the blog as a whole
    one quesiton though, 30f london, what are you going to do when you turn 31?

  3. What will I do when I turn 31?? I haven't given it much thought, a few options 31-F-London, (not)30-but still-F-London...

    I'm sure it will cause me a headache come December.