Monday, 28 September 2009

Love and Marriage

This weekend was full of weddings and as such a onslaught of champagne and the after-effects of champagne.
I feel a little softer being surrounded by people in love or to be precise a couple that were in love six months ago and will be in love again when the stress of the actual wedding disappears but I found myself regretting not getting married in my twenties, just for the experience.
It's not that I would still be married now - I have changed so much in the last year never mind the last ten years, I have three long-term relationships which could have ended up with a wedding, two of those shouldn't have done but could have done! On the flip side, I mingled with a few too many couples that seemed to still be together just because they are married, so I soon loosened my regrets.
Sex and Marriage
It's all down to sex. Well it would be wouldn't it. There is no comparison of making love with someone you are madly deeply in love with. The feeling of saying "I love you" when you come, although I've tried it with one night stands - it does not go down well but an interesting way of getting someone to leave in a hurry!
When "I do"
With this information I know that the man I want to marry is the man* that would want to have an hour with me in a hotel between the ceremony and the reception, then a quickie after cutting the cake before whisking me away for a full month of sexual interrogation, starting as we mean to go on.
After champagne onslaught
As always with weddings it got messy. The bride and groom left around midnight and we left to our own devices. It took over an hour of flirting with one of the (grown-up) page boys before I remembered that I still had my period. Thank you very much! I retired to my room (alone) with a stinking headache that a shower nor more champagne could fix.
*Did I mention that I am a commitment-phobe and it's thoughts like this that get me into trouble?!
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