Tuesday, 15 September 2009

I am a lyrebird

Last week I met a Dubliner and within an hour I was pronouncing words and the end of sentences with a little-lecprecaun-like accent. Not because as you may think, I was taking the piss, but because I liked him.
I thought I was quite noisy when having sex until I realised I react to my partner, I can orgasm quietly, silently sometimes, I can of course scream the house down. I am turned on by the smallest moan when you start to kiss someone through to dirty mutterings and appreciative groans. There have been times where I have been asked to have his hand over my mouth as an attempt for me not to alert the neighbouring room, because OH MY GOD the orgasm was so strong I would have woken more than just the next-door neighbours.
Sometimes it is the shyest of men that have the most to say with their clothes off. I went out with a bookish physics student not so long ago who detailed every move he made in near pornographic detail, describing my body and the effect it had on him. It was hot!
I am bed-ridden and not in the good way. I seem to have caught a cold but as I am going out with Toyboy on Thursday, I have to be better by then!
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