Sunday, 6 September 2009

How was he for you?

At a party I bumped into the ex-girlfriend of an ex of mine, confusing?
He was my first love, she went out with him after I went out with him. She thought she recognised me, but couldn't place me. I wasn't going to help her remember where she knew me from but eventually she did it.
She requested permission to ask me a personal question. I said yes. She asked if my first love (who was also her first love) was a bad lover? I said we were both inexperienced, but had fun learning. She went on to rant how awful sex was with him and kept picking on specific things he did or didn't do. I excused myself from the rant and found my friends for a well earned cocktail.
Over a decade since we were boyfriend and girlfriend and I felt protective of him. The sex wasn't mindblowing but we were both virgins, he was gentle with me and he never exerted any pressure on me to have sex. I was 16 and he was my first sexual boyfriend.
In hindsight I could have told her it takes two to tango, and hoped that she pulled her fifty percent of that particular love-merry-go-round. She must still be justifying the time spent with him but she needs to let go. She is one angry woman.
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