Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Home alone

I am 'working' from home today or more accurately waiting for a plumber while answering work emails.
Left to my own devices is obviously not going to make the most productive of days. I've been awake four hours and already had three ladyplays; one manual, two toy-aided. And I'm toying with having another wank before lunch. It's true what they say - the more you have sex, the more you want it.
Wanking calms me, I feel less inhibited and frustrated not just physically but mentally and emotionally.
While playing with myself I felt myself fantasising about a man I work with, he's only about 20 years old and our office intern, but since he mentioned in passing (more than once) that he has a thing for older women I keep imagining what he would be like to have sex with. When I think about him while masturbating I come really hard within seconds.
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  1. The Americans have a word for it: Cougar

  2. I was trying to avoid the word 'cougar' it sounds so predatory!