Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Hierarchy of Intimacy

It's sometimes easier to be really dirty with a man you know is a one night stand than someone you have a romantic connection with.
With a new lover, I prefer him to take charge or at least initiate so I can react accordingly. A friend once commented that it a reaction to me sleeping with a new lover too early but I think it's probably more a reaction to attracting passive lovers - as I can feel like that on the first date up until the twentieth date.
If only men wore their sexual adventurousness (from tame - bloomin' kinky say) on their sleeve, right next to their heart of course!
If only!
So with 1. being when I'm unsure of how far to go to 10. being completely relaxed and open (although this one goes up to eleven) this is my repertoire:
1. Doggy
2. Missionary
4. Oral sex (performed on him)
5. Oral sex (performed on me)
6. Cowgirl
7. Masturbating for each other
8. 69
I love the 69 position, but prefer it when I completely let go and it's one of the best positions for me when in love. There is something about this position that makes his pre-cum taste better, I guess it must be the angle that it secretes onto different taste buds.
9. Reverse Cowgirl
10. Lotus
and finally...
I can't believe I forgot to add it to the list of things I would like to try - this will have to be rectified. I have never broached trying erotic asphyxiation with a partner and emphasis on the try and not die trying.
However, this is different to my curiosity with anal as I have been known to gently push down on my neck when I masturbate. I haven't for ages as I didn't want to 'need' a better and potentially more dangerous fix but it's more than a curiosity.
Looking at my behaviour always amuses me because a) I am a creature of habit and b) there is often an underlying method to my madness.
These are slightly inter-changeable with the addition of more than four units of alcohol. And completely goes out the window if he tells me in detail what turns him on and what he would like to do with me...
I am usually more than happy to oblige.
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