Friday, 11 September 2009


I like firsts. And fists but in this instance firsts.
Three people think they were the first to be blown by me, five men think they were the first to liked or licked even my clitoris. It of course is a ruse. It is a love lie or a love omission. It is me saying "I love you and trust you enough for you to be my first at this intimate act" and also I like to be thought of as innocent?!
Men sometimes say they want a dirty slut but in reality that is not always the case! As the Oscar Wilde quote goes "Men always want to be a woman's first love, women like to be a man's last romance".
I know that the person I first try anal sex with, won't be the last person who think they popped my bum cherry, unless it's so good I kidnap him, tie him to my bed and use him and his body as a sex slave forever and ever and ever.
Is this dishonest? I think so. It gives a false sense of intimacy and romance but when you are there in the moment, naked, with a loved one, new or otherwise, the last thing you want to start admitting to is when you last wanked for a man.
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  1. I know I'm not the one who took H's bum cherry. She told me the story of how it happened and I like to hear it again every so often. I'm just glad that the bloke involved made it an experience she wanted to try again and again!