Friday, 25 September 2009

Fetish debut - part three

On the way home from my fetish debut I checked my phone to see that I had had a booty text, I asked to the taxi driver to change the destination and saw that the ex was waiting for me with an erection and the words "sorry, I started without you".
It's been a long while since we slept together and it was a drunken chance text he didn't think would be answered. As it's been a while, he was unaware of all the new tricks I have picked up since and blew his socks off.
I didn't divulge why I was so aroused but the earlier entertainment I discovered was the ultimate foreplay. We had sex three and a half times times in as many hours, to an almost military fashion. We started with a 69 and could taste his pre-cum nearly immediately, he came in about a minute, he was visibly shocked and embarrassed, but after a ten minute cuddle he was ready to go again.
I couldn't help but talk really dirty during the sex, well not during the 69, but the rest of the time. It was along the lines of needing to be punished as I had been very bad.
At around half six I called a cab and by seven was snuggled up in my own bed, with my own duvet.
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