Sunday, 20 September 2009

Fetish Debut - part one

Drum roll please.
Last night I went to my first fetish night with a lesbian friend who agreed to 'show me the ropes', I didn't have a chance to find a catsuit I liked so I wore some kinky underwear and rubber hold-ups.
Little did I know I shouldn't have worried so much about an outfit and scouring central London yesterday afternoon like a toddler with ADD.
It's safe to say that with my friend by my side I felt comfortable but after a couple of gin and tonics I felt euphoric. I was at home. Surrounded by people that were brazen about their sexuality and wearing their sex bruises so to speak on their sleeve. Not just that but with adults, not teenagers, adults. Men asked me my sexual preference before asking my name. It was enthralling.
I was groped (consensually), spanked, whipped, kissed and more and I loved it. I loved every minute of it.
I'll check my behind for bruises, have a spot of lunch and debrief properly later...
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