Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Doctors and nurses

I have had two dates with Dr No-love, he is a GP in his early forties, coming out of a pernicious divorce and have concerns already:
Absent libido?
I know it's only been two dates but no hint of a snog never mind anything else. He is polite and seemingly nice but he shows no sign of a sex drive, no innuendoes, no catching his eyes drop below my eye-level etc. Even though I could be more sexually aggressive I really don't want to be the leader of the bedroom, an equal yes, but not commander, unless in role play of course!
Bitter the devil you know
Dr No-love is extremely bitter concerning his divorce it's unattractive and frankly off-putting. At first I thought it refreshing that he was open but it is quite hateful and worry that he may be generally resentful of women and just want his pound of flesh from his next relationship.
We are due to go out again tomorrow night, but I'm now having second thoughts.
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