Monday, 7 September 2009

40 things about me

Inspired by reading Heart Full of Black's view on the dark side. Here are some of my sexual thoughts/facts:
1. I was a virgin until three months before my 17th birthday. 2. It was a soft, gentle screw. 3. I wanted to have sex for every minute of that weekend. 4. I can still remember the smell of his cum. 5. He asked me to marry me a few years later. 6. I gave my first blow job at 16. 7. His cock smelt and tasted of soap. 8. He wouldn't kiss me afterwards. 9a. My third blow job ended up with me vomiting. 9b. I have since learnt to enjoy blow jobs.
9c. In fact I now love them. 9d. I nearly always swallow. 9e. Even though I have a sensitive gag reflex. 10. I orgasmed twice in my first five years of being sexual active. 11. Though, those years were probably my most active in terms of partners. 12. I've had sex in a car park, without a car. 13. I've kissed two men at the same time. 14. I was once told that I was a man in a former life. 15. I can't decide if I want to dominate or be dominated. 16. I like to be humiliated and controlled. 17. But I like to inflict mental torture too. 18. I've worn out four vibrators. 19. I do orgasm from penetrative sex, nearly always. 20. I do orgasm from oral sex, nearly always. 21. I do orgasm from mutual and self-masturbation, always. 22. I love to be naked. 23. I have a full STD MOT every six months or when a relationship ends. 24. Condoms are my only form of contraceptive after more than a decade on the pill. 25. I have taken the morning after pill four times. 26. I am due a smear test. 27. I will love the man that introduced me to the '69' forever. 28. I am learning to deep throat. 29. I wonder what it would be like to kiss a girl. 30. Although I could never imagine kissing a clitoris. 31. My kinky curiosity is being satisfied slowly but surely. 32. My fantasies both arouse and scare me. 33. Sometimes I wish I were less sexually agressive. 34. Sometimes I wish I were less self-aware. 35. I wonder how most men are in bed when I meet them. 36. I never say never. 37. I love being in love, however dysfuctional. 38. Size doesn't matter. 39. Attitude does though. 40. I love to watch a man masturbate.
41 - 100. To follow.
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