Wednesday, 26 August 2009

What man wouldn't...

...want anal sex?
Funnily enough quite a few.
My last relationship (pre-Quiet Boy) lasted just under fifteen months and was a very calm, grown-up affair but practically non-existent sexually. And I mean non-existent. No oral sex, just two sexual positions (him on top or me on top), put that together with his sensitive penis, low-libido and a lacking in wishing to a) talk about it and b) oblivious to my (non-)orgasm and I was a very frustrated bunny.
He became known to my friends as 'Mr Maybe-Next-Time' as whenever I tried to initiate something new, he would always respond "maybe next time". I suggested anal sex along with others and he said he was happy with our sex life. I couldn't be sure if this was the truth, i.e. how could he be happy and content when I was so frustrated.
Oral sex
He didn't like to perform oral sex at all. I took this very personally at first but he explained that it had always been the case and it was with his previous partners. I managed to get him to engage in a 69 once, but when I tried to re-enact it a week or so later, it was a no-go. He was happy to receive though, but I couldn't help but withhold blow jobs to see if that would help him along... It didn't.
Passive aggressive
He didn't like confrontation, so I couldn't discuss anything with him without being made to feel incredibly guilty. After about three months I said I wanted some time out. He panicked at this and we went away for a romantic weekend. I felt incredibly selfish thinking of ending a otherwise perfect relationship, and so it continued.
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