Monday, 31 August 2009

What is that?

One of my most embarrassing memories wasn't so much the situation but the disgust in my lover of the time and as such how he made me feel.
It was the second time we had got intimate that night, and as his hands went south to what were now sodden knickers he came across a smidgen of toilet paper, I hadn't been to the toilet since we had sex the first time so it was there after I wiped my lady garden dry after orgasm, I mean it can get quite to very wet down there.
His reaction was damning.
What is that? Is it? Is it toilet paper? He was so disgusted that a small piece of paper had been caught in my engorged labia, that he wanted to 'just cuddle' for a bit.
Experiences like this have made me ever so self-conscious at times, especially when with a new lover.
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