Monday, 10 August 2009

To have (foreskin) or to have not (foreskin)

An American friend and I were discussing penises (I'm guessing that is the correct plural or collective noun even?), she preferred English men as they came equipped with a foreskin (the percentage of American men circumcised in the US is much higher than the UK, religion aside).
She asked me how many of my exes did/didn't have a foreskin and I honestly couldn't say, she laughed thinking it was too many to remember but not at all. I couldn't pick out most of my exes' penises in a line-up. I'm assuming that my Jewish ex didn't have a foreskin but that's based on circumstantial rather than circumcision evidence.
I remember some of the penises (the bad/scary ones) but usually when being intimate with someone, I don't really think, I just do. It's all part of the moment and experience, I enjoy giving blow jobs and mentally let go when performing them. Unless a penis is different or unique I am unlikely to notice the size, texture or taste - is that bad? But the thing is... I love them and turned on by giving them - the taste in my mouth, as they get harder, the way feet move and I've got to the point I can usually tell when someone is about to come before the obligatory tap on the shoulder!
Safe oral sex.
One should perform oral sex with a condom (that's why there are flavoured condoms after all) but it's not the same feeling to the giver not to mention the receiver. After being in a committed relationship, it would be easy to have a lax attitude towards this, and I have. I haven't used a condom when giving a blow job in years, but also it's been a while* since I have given a blow job to someone who wasn't my boyfriend.
* When I say a while - it's more like two blokes in three years, the last being around three months ago.
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  1. please introduce me to your friend. :p