Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Proud to Ladyplay

I'm not sure why masturbation is such a dirty word and considered a filthy act. But it is, and as such making having a cheeky wank is deemed guilt worthy - which is MADNESS!
When I was eighteen, my then boyfriend asked me how often I wanked and I answered honestly 'never', he didn't believe me, I didn't like the fact that he didn't believe me, but it was the truth. Naively I thought it was was synonymous to not being able to tickle oneself. When I was touched by a partner, my clitoris was engorged, wanton and throbbing, yet on my own my hand did nothing for me!
I was a latecomer (no pun intended) to self indulgence - in my early-twenties - and I haven't looked back since. I got in late one night after a long train journey (train travel seems to make me horny), and read a steamy text from what my new boyfriend wanted to do to me the next time he saw me, I was instantly wet and my breathing heavy, fast forward ten more text messages and I was in a post-orgasmic quiver. That was my first wank of three in 45 minutes.
It took over a year from that night before I ventured to get a vibrator. I now know my body better than ever before, I can assert where, when and for how long, and can near-guarantee an orgasm in any position on my own and with a partner that can take directions.
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