Thursday, 6 August 2009

The pill

I stopped taking the pill at the beginning of this year after twelve or so years.
It wasn't used it as a birth control (or not at last year...), merely to ease my periods and it certainly gave backup which was handy for the Christmas condom split of 2004, which didn't stop me ordering my then boyfriend out of my house in the early hours, to which he replied "don't be silly, here have some wine". He assumed I was worried about getting pregnant, it was more that he was a dirty (and lazy) bastard.
The reason I stopped taking the pill eventually after much consideration was due to a number of reasons a) my Nan died of cervical cancer b) maybe the pill was covering the reasons of unusual periods rather than helping the symptoms c) I wasn't in a relationship that deemed contraceptives other than condoms.
I certainly feel released from the daily rigmarole of nearly forgetting to take each pill.
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