Saturday, 8 August 2009

Not so weak

I went out with Quiet Boy last night and although I assumed I would succumb to his charms, I didn't or wouldn't.
I explained that it was time to 'shit or get off the pot' he asked what the shit and the pot represented, this was followed by a silence. I suggested trying 'just be friends and see how that goes'. But that's bollocks, I doubt it will work like that, in some ways I want more than he can give but also if he turned round and said let's go for it as a couple, would I be happy or run a mile?
I care for him more than I should and more than he knows.
The sex was always good, but not great. There was an emotional connection with him that I haven't in years which made it very satisfying but I was holding back because I could sense myself falling for him.
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