Sunday, 16 August 2009

Mr Holloway

I found the below diary entry from 2006, the only thing is I have no idea who Mr Holloway is, at this rate I may have to start using their real names before I go completely senile. I remember the 21 year old, we had a very short, very passionate fling.
Diary entry from November 2006
Mr Holloway was at the party tonight, I was so shocked to see him I nearly ignore his presence. I was able to avoid him for the first hour and then 'accidentally' bump into him by the bathroom, we chat for quarter of an hour or so, I depart the conversation to get a drink... he can wait until I have more energy. As I make my excuses, I receive a text from the 21 year old, is he keen or just polite? I agree with myself to wait until sober before responding. Time to say my goodnights.
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