Wednesday, 26 August 2009

More oral sex please, we're British

After posting about Mr Maybe-Next-Time I can't stop thinking about my pussy being licked and kissed and stroked by a firm tongue.
When I meet a potential lover - I usually fantasise and masturbate about them before actually sleeping with them, but it shows how much I am thinking of them. I have a date next week with someone and only this morning when I was masturbating, I was thinking of him stroking my thighs, licking the insides of my legs and up to my pussy and then I whispered his name when I came. I'm not sure if it is healthy to fantasise about someone before even being kissed by them, but my god, it was fucking hot.
I think women get a hard time about not giving blow jobs, and I for one would like to take this opportunity to apologise to all the men I went out with from 1997 - 2001 where I gave a certain monthly quota of blow jobs, no more, no less. In my defence I had a bad experience in 1997 and it took until a boyfriend was really soft and gentle and loving with me that I felt comfortable to completely let go - that was the (first) love of my life.
I honestly can't remember a time since then (Mr Maybe-Next-Time aside) where blow jobs haven't been enjoyable to give. Nor being with any boyfriend/fling recently where I couldn't get enough oral sex, giving or receiving. So men, take note; tell your partner what you like, how you like it and especially what turns you on.
Someone recently commented that his female partner didn't particularly like receiving cunnilingus but he loved performing it. The irony! He also enquired if a donor service would be viable. Can you imagine Nectar loyalty points being available to get your partner off sexually, especially after a long day?
What the fuck though?! The thing I would like to clear up - men want to kiss on the mouth after giving a clitoris the kiss of life, but not so happy when the roles are reversed. Please can someone explain this to me.
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  1. Can't comment on the last point. I love a deep full-on frenchie after H. has given me a blowjob. I love the taste of me on her. Is this wierd?

  2. Thanks FC!

    I don't think it's weird, I find it very erotic and intimate whichever way - i.e. as the receiver or giver as this has been the case with a couple of my longer-term boyfriends.

    Recently though I have noticed it more and more, men being distant seconds after, and to be honest it puts me off giving blow jobs, I like giving them, the act, the reaction, the ejaculation, I tend to always swallow, and then maybe have a swig of some water. But I can't stand being left there with an arms-length-good-job-pat on the back.