Saturday, 1 August 2009

Love Balls

The love bites have nearly gone - phew!
I'm not going to reschedule this week's date until there is no evidence on my neck whatsoever but it's made this week all the more interesting.
The replacement love balls arrived this week and at first they were completely daunting. They seemed to be twice the size as the ones I lost in the toilet of a popular London establishment but at least the newbies were attached to a 'pull string'. It took two tries and quite a lot of lubricant to get them in and the first ten minutes or so weren't uncomfortable as such just left me in a state of anxiety.
Fast forward to WOW!
Each movement I took I could feel the weighted balls pushing against the wall of my vagina and making me smile and certainly gave me a spring in my step. I kept them in while running some errands and maybe a part of it was only I knew they were there, a little like the feeling I get when wearing stockings under jeans.
Getting them out again was easy (probably due to the amount of lubrication) and already my pelvic floor muscles feel stronger.
It made me think would I feel comfortable wearing them on a date that might end in sex? I'll think about that...

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