Thursday, 13 August 2009

Let's go back to the beginning

I had been thinking about writing a blog for a long while, and more seriously for most of 2008 and last November I started playing with sporadic diary entries and posts. When I read them back I always want to change and tweek them, I am trying to do this less - but here is where it started last November:
Diary entry from November 2008
My sexual revolution starts here
My friends can split into two groups, those will discuss their sexuality and experiences and those that can't/won't talk.
The latter will give a disapproving look if they think you may have kissed more than two men, never mind been in a state of dress in front of a member of the opposite sex. One is even waiting until her wedding night, talk about not trying before you buy.
The former are there to answer the " it normal to/when.." questions, to discuss and laugh about all and sundry. After being in a long-term relationship, I feel like I've been left behind in the mid-20s experimentation. It's not like I had a bad sex life, just a very monotonous one for the last five years.
My gay friends recommend everything, I mean everything!?!??!!
At my age, I should be better at this...
My sexual revolution starts here... I am going to do all I can to try those things I've heard of but never had the time/energy/desire/courage to...
First step - Research
Are you over 18? If not, please close me down.
I google "erotic literature", which sends me to, I agree to being over 18 years old to view site content, I sign up to e-updates and click on stories and pics. The topics seem to be endless starting with Anal and continuing with BDSM, Celebrities, Chain Stories, Erotic Couplings, Erotic Horror, Exhibitionist & Voyeur, Fetish, First Time, Gay Male, Group Sex, How to, Humour & Satire, Illustrated, Incest/Taboo, Interracial Love, Lesbian Sex, Letters & Transcripts, Loving Wives, Mature, Mind Control, Non-English, Non-Erotic, Non Consent/Reluctance, Nonhuman, Novels & Novellas, Reviews & Essays, Romance, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Text with Audio, Toys and Masturbation and Transsexuals and Crossdressers.
*Phew!* Where do I start?? I add the site to my favourites.
Next, I stumble across Scarlet magazine (self-proclaimed the UK's Hottest Women's Magazine) and request a free copy, I sign up to the e-updates too... This leads me to again I agree to being over 18 and enter... I open a story and the first two paragraphs, immediately start to make me moisten, the first paragraph, wow!
Where is my vibrator?!?!
Second step - Friends
A couple of male friends have heard of my dilemma (that makes it sound more serious that it is) and to help have forwarded some porn sites - thanks! They've made special mention of double and triple penetration. If you're not sure that double/triple is, you might want to leave it that way. I don't delve too deep but add the links to my favourites, in the folder "Research", my inner prude won't allow be to make a new folder entitled say "Porn", "Fun" or even "Later", maybe one day...
I gently broach the subject with female friends, they weren't as forthcoming, I decide to leave the subject until the next time we have a couple bottles of wine...
Third step - Dating and Preparations
It has occurred to me that to fulfil my newly found wanton desires (past masturbation), I will need a partner. The weekend will be the ideal opportunity, in preparation I book a facial, massage and manicure.
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