Thursday, 27 August 2009

Is peeking playing by the rules?

I have a date tonight and in preparation I accidently stumbled across his Facebook (I mean who nowadays has their Facebook page open?!), which led to his twitter, which led to his myspace and so on... I should have stopped at this discovery but no, I check his holiday photos, favourite youtube clips, and STOP!!!
The good news is he is looking forward to the date!
The bad news is I now feel guilty for snooping.
The date was great, too good, too perfect. He's just sent a text to ensure I got home safely *swoon*. And I'm trying my best not to check his Twitter.
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  1. haha... i've been snooped after a date, which led to me getting punched in the face by someone less than happy with something i tweeted during the date. not good.

    just make sure you don't let slip with something you shouldn't actually know if you hadn't snooped...

  2. Did you tweet something worth a punch?

  3. not at all, but it latterly turned out she was a bit fragile; i didn't know this at the time. she also kept trying to sleep with me after punching me in the face, which was slightly baffling.