Tuesday, 25 August 2009

In the bath AND by accident

I recently had a conversation with an occasional lover which went along the lines of:
When in the bath recently, my finger accidently slipped into my anal passage and I erm... kinda liked it. Maybe we could... erm... try that?
My response was 'of course'. I'm not one to turn down somebody else's pleasure, but, I've not tried anal sex or any anal act. I have since however been googling 'prostate massage' like mad. I'm open to trying it but not been with a established partner in the last couple of years that wanted to try it. Whenever I read erotica containing anal, it does turn me on and I am curious. I think that I am holding onto my anal virginity with the same affection I had for my vaginal virginity in my teens.
It has meant the last day or so I have been thinking about the practicalities of such an act and wonder if an online supermarket order of latex gloves and shedloads of lube will cause embarrassment especially if I were to go for the 'bagless order'.
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