Friday, 7 August 2009

I am weak

Having written about Quiet Boy and Pussy Boy yesterday, I think it was the nail in the coffin for them both.
Actually reading what I had written infuriated me - if it were a friend asked for my advice or even telling me of situation - I would have had to bite my tongue hard not say have some self-respect and get rid of both of them! Immediately and without hesitation. Although I tend not to tell my friends what to do, just offer them different solutions and ply them with wine.
Last night I called Quiet Boy with the intention of saying 'thanks but no thanks' but after about five minutes of laughter fuelled conversation, we are now going out tonight. I AM WEAK.
With regards to Pussy Boy, there is no need to have to tell him any of this, firstly he's rather dense and secondly it will be easier to have it fizzle out than deal with his ego.
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