Thursday, 6 August 2009

How to ladyplay?

This is advice given to an American virgin on how to get her rocks off without a significant other:
If you want to stay lo-fi and battery-free try this old trick— your bathtub faucet. Turn on the water first; make sure the temp is lukewarm—not hot, at all. Your lady bits are extra sensitive to temp, so even colder water will do here. Then, get in the tub, lie on your back, put your butt right up against the tub, open your legs. The faucet should flow directly at your vag, you might have to move around a bit to get it to hit your hot spot. This method can take a while, but at least you’re not doing the work!
 Again, they key to orgasming is to just relax ... it’ll happen, promise.
Is it me or is the first five minutes of a Casualty episode?
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