Friday, 28 August 2009

Fuckability TV

The porn industry could learn something from current television scheduling. I for one am enjoying the testosterone driven entertainment, such as The Wire, True Blood and The Tudors. The most desirable men on TV at the moment, to me at least, aren't necessarily the most handsome, but the wrong men, the ones we are warned against!
McNulty (played by Dominic West).
One fine specimen of man. McNulty is intelligent yet bored and is broken beyond repair. Untameable and you wouldn't be surprised if he smelt of booze, cigs and probably another woman. Even though you would like to think you could turn him down but know you wouldn't. He is a walking hard-on. *sigh*
Special thanks must be made of Idris Elba and Aidan Gillen's respective characters too!
Bill Compton (played by Stephen Moyer)
The quiet, brooding, mysterious man, blood-sucking vampire tendencies aside! Bill's ability to loves deeply, emotionally and physically. Caring, gentlemanly, he may be our last hope to revive chivalry. When he first slept with his female protagonist, it was hot, that could have something to do with the intensity of the biting. Even though I am squeemish of blood, I was intensly turned on. It's not difficult to imagine the post-orgasmic feeling crossed with the elation of donating blood. The programme is littered with man totty - Alexander SkarsgÄrd, Ryan Kwanten and Sam Trammell. Even the credits are saucy "I wanna do bad things with you".
Henry VIII (played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers)
The ultimate alpha male. His HRH power and prowess are intoxicating but is there something to be said to be scared of a sexual partner? I imagine that knowing that he could have you beheaded at any time would add to the height of the orgasm and no mistake. Anyone brave enough to ask the King to participate in erotic asphyxiation?
There is part of me that extremely proud that they all happen to be British* being born in Sheffield (West), Brentwood, Essex (Moyer) and Dublin (Rhys Meyers). Not forgetting Hackney-born Elba.
Has anyone seen Dominic West in the coffee adverts. Am I sitting comfortably? Coffee has NEVER sounded sexier.
*For the sake of argument can we classify Ireland as British, just this once?
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