Friday, 14 August 2009

Foolish and reckless

If you read the earlier post where I was given a full bill of sexual health and showed a hardy attitude towards my sexual wellness, maybe now isn't the time to say I'm a FUCKING IDIOT.
About a month ago fooling around my number one crush at the time aka Pussy Boy penetration occured pre-condom, did we stop, yes, after a few minutes. Why did it happen? Because as I've established I'm an imbecile and at that particular moment I was swept up in the moment, he didn't ejaculate inside me but that doesn't stop the birth control and STD paranoia that followed.
Pussy Boy's problem is as with some men he doesn't like condoms for the obvious reasons but it goes further than not liking them, he has a larger that average girth at the base of his penis, so I probably should have suggested to him trying some larger condoms. But let's stop making excuses and allow the self-flagellation begin.
Pussy Boy said that he was last tested a few months back and was clean. I've spent this afternoon at my local clinic for testing, I tested negative for HIV, and get the rest of the results back in a week.
I am too old to go through this palaver. Kids, just say NO!
I got the rest of the results back, all clear. Clean as a fanny shaped whistle.
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