Saturday, 15 August 2009

A fistful of blushes

Don't ask why but the only pieces of offline entertainment I did have on my laptop were two films - Closer and Freeze Frame - on a train journey today I opt for Closer no-one is paying my screen attention and I am listening via headphones. No-one was paying attention that is until the words:
"I love cock"
"Do you want sex?"
"epic tits"
"Sit on my face fuckboy"
"hotel room, they tie me up, tease me, won't let me cum, they fight over me, 6 tongues on my cock, balls, perineum etc."
...filled my screen in succession in a matter of seconds, if you haven't seen the film it's a cybersex scene between Jude Law and Clive Owen. All of a sudden, the man across the aisle couldn't or wouldn't stop staring at the screen. Cue me deciding whether to brave it out or switch it off in horror.
It reminded me of when I was reading Ben Elton's Past Mortem, which my tube neighbour only took a peek of my reading fodder when it happened to be a scene describing in minute detail olive oil aided fisting. Thanks for that Ben.
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