Tuesday, 4 August 2009


My fantasies are varied. A recurring fantasy at the moment includes domination - I want to be dominated but also want to dominate.
To be dominated:
I want to not think and just act. It's still early days in my dominated fantasy, so mainly I want to get a call instructing me to go somewhere at a certain time, dressed in a specific way. I have to make a lot of decisions at work, so the thought of not having to be in control turns me on. That and spanking of course! I need discipline. Men tend to see me as a strong and independent woman, which I am at work. At home, I am an emotional and neurotic mess.
To dominate:
As much as it turns me on to fantasise about being dominated, the opposite gets me just as wet. I would very much like to tie up a strong man and get him to do just as I say. If that's what turned him on! I'm not about to go around kidnapping men on the off chance.
I used to play a game with an ex where we would tie each other up and touch/stroke/tickling each other with feathers and other inanimate objects to the point of giving in, the one who held out the longest won.
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1 comment:

  1. ight with you on this one. In our working life, H. is the strong one and she likes to be dominated 'after hours'. We play a similar game, only with nipple clamps, seeing who can withstand the slow tightening the longest.

    P.S. It's always her. She's borne 2 kids after all!