Saturday, 22 August 2009

Does it matter?

This week a male friend asked the question a man dare not utter out loud: Errrmm, can I ask you a question? A personal question? Does... erm... size... uhmm... matter?? I think what prompted this line of questioning is earlier in the day I made a throw away comment about one of my ex-lovers, along the lines of 'inhumanly big but no instruction manual'. What I meant was that we had no foreplay, none, it was kissing, clothes off, penetration, which is fine when you want a spontaneous quickie but after some time I missed the first touch of a finger/tongue/anything.
I started to instigate a bit of mutual masturbation but that was very quickly followed by him stating that he wanted me, right away. It did start to bother me, I'm not sure if it was that a lack of intimacy or a omission of know-how. After some discreet inquisition it just came to down to the fact that he had never had to try very hard with the ladies and they were always impressed, I certainly gasped in surprise each time when he entered me. I told my friend, that there are instances where size can be an issue (either too small or too big respectively) but on the whole, no, size didn't matter, it really was what you did with it. He looked relieved.
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