Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Boo to Poo!

While reading an article from Time Out NY about a surprise poo attack, this story put together with The Bucket List's "Don't Trust a Fart" and Tucker Max's recollection of a shitty event and it reasserts how amazing the human body is but also how fragile and bewildering.
Poo is a normal human by-product and it's completely normal but I would be mortified. I would probably move house, ensure that I became a gangster's mole purely to be then put in witness protection.
This has been playing on my mind is that I was invited over for fun and frolics with the drummer. As I have had a bit of a sensitive tummy the last couple of days, if I was still taking the Pill this would have been a no-no not because of the lack of birth control (condoms, hello!) but because if the pill had stopped working I would have had an unexpected period.
I turned down the delicious offer from the even more delicious drummer because I couldn't trust my bowels for more than 20 metres away from a bathroom, never mind scantily clad and on the borders of Hackney.
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