Sunday, 16 August 2009

Ooooh young man

I am contrary.
If I go out with someone younger, I seem to act mature and constantly mildly disappointed. When I go out with someone older I blush and giggle and repeat myself to the point of embarrassment.
Younger men
I like the idea of a toy boy, but I think I'm confusing liking a boy my own age when I was 20 with a 20 year old nowadays. I can reminisce about the enthusiasm and care-free attitude of younger men but that's all it is, a memory. The influx of graduates are enough to put me off men of a certain age.
Older men
A friend recently mentioned in passing that the ideal age gap for a couple is for a woman to go out/marry a man ten years her senior. To put it bluntly it was based on how well men age compared to women. The term " a fine wine.." was used more than once.
Normally I date men within a couple of years of my own age, older or younger, but maybe I should be more open minded to widening those goal posts.
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