Monday, 10 August 2009

4 out of 5 women want...

David Mitchell's Observer column yesterday addressed what women want in men (if surveyed for a frozen confectioner's standpoint), a comment left by TheLoonyFromCatford on the post read:
Going out on the pull, myself and my cousin have discovered a terrible secret:
All women are different.
What would be nice, ladies of Britain, is if you gave clear signals: perhaps colour coded cardigans or Post it notes stuck to your foreheads:
"I like skinny guys"
"Don't approach me unless you're a Gemini"
"I only date men who look like Danny DeVito"
"A mans shoes are important to me. You are wearing trainers - I find this a huge turn off"
"I'm looking for a bit of rough"
etc etc
I couldn't think of a better idea!
Personally as the proprietor of DD breasts - I seem to attract 'boob men'. Which is good (for them), but I would have to say my bum and thighs are just as if not more sensitive and certainly erogenous and as such would like a 'bum' man with 'breast' tendencies - too much to ask for?
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