Sunday, 30 August 2009

10 things I would like to try (in more detail):

2. Threesome with two men
I have been involved in a tryst with two men but it didn't result in any under-the-clothes action. I often have dreams involved a MFM threesome, especially if I feel I have to choose between two people and the favourable position in my mind is to the man receiving oral.
3. Threesome with another girl and boy
This is more to be part a man's fantasy, I don't think it's a healthy fantasy to fulfill in a loving relationship however it's something I would like to do for a partner.
4. Sex on a train/plane/automobile
Travelling always turns me on. Maybe it's because it is time that could be used much more effectively, that and the vibrations of course!
5. Sex with a girl
I'm not attracted to women, but if I watch porn it is usually sapphic and in dreams I have lesbian fantasies.
6. Spanking
I've tried this once or twice and was really turned on. I mean really really turned on. It is something I would like to venture into again.
7. Domination (both dominating and being dominated)
I'm not to keen in it being my turn then their turn. I think this may need to be with two men. One submissive, one dominant.
10. Sex in public
I used to more adventurous in my teens but haven't had sex al fresco this millennium. I love the risk (of being caught) and spontaneity.
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  1. What happened to number 1?

  2. Nice list, think it pretty much makes you the perfect girlfriend for most guys, apart from no3, guys aren't too good at sharing their women. Might be easier to fulfill that one before you get serious with anyone.

    Enjoy ticking them off :)