Saturday, 29 August 2009

10 things I don't know about sex

I feel like a kid in a sweet shop, I want to experience new things but also scared to try out stuff with someone I didn't trust.
Ten things I would like to try:
1. Anal sex
2. Threesome with two men
3. Threesome with another girl and boy
4. Sex on a train/plane/automobile
5. Sex with a girl*
6. Spanking
7. Domination (both dominating and being dominated)
8. Watch porn with a partner
9. Go to a lap dancing/strip club with a partner
10. Sex in public
*I once was kissed by a girl, it wasn't until much later (years in fact) that I regretted not doing more that night.
Where do you find people for this kind of thing?
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  1. Torture Garden.

    The Halloween Ball is going to be great fun.

  2. Nothing there this late 30s, handsome, fit, intelligent, funny, charming and -as you can see- confident man couldn't help you with. Drop a photo to (did I mention I'm also shallow?) and perhaps we can talk about your sexual ambitions. Girls like the direct approach, right?

  3. Give a visit. If you tweet, I'm sure you will get raised hands from members of the UK KS community. I bleev there is a party happening this Saturday night...