Sunday, 26 July 2009

What to listen to...?

Being single has left me with a void. A musical one.
I have a vast taste in music, an eclectic one I guess, which is usually fine-tuned to the relationship I am in. I was faced this morning with my own choice for radio and music and no need for consideration else's consideration. So why was it so difficult for me to decide what to listen to.
The last few years I have spent listening to punk, prog-rock, alternative, folk/acoustic and the most recent heavy rock with the occasional Spurs *ergh* podcast thrown in for good measure.
In retaliation to my masculine influences - I have spent today listening to what can be described as 'angry girl music' such as Garbage, No Doubt (the early years) and Hole.


  1. Hey the Spurs poidcasts will have helped shape you into the fantastic indiviual you are today! :)

  2. What can I say - I have a penchant for Spurs fans! With the occasional Arsenal supporter thrown in for good measure.