Sunday, 26 July 2009

Thirty year old vagina

A friend recommended to me Mooncup (it's an alternative to tampons), I had a quick look at their website and it not only sounded good value for money but ecologically and environmentally sound. Until I got to the "what size" section.
Apparently "Please note that women over the age of 30 years old are increasingly likely to need the size A regardless of giving birth. This is because the tone of vaginal and pelvic floor muscles naturally reduces with age but to varying degrees in different women" my vagina is now considered plus size.
Paranoia kicks in.
I really don't want an old vagina and I certainly wouldn't contemplate getting surgery for a 'designer vagina'.
This was about a week ago and yesterday it was still playing on my mind. I went to Sh! to see if I could get some love balls/eggs to firm up my pelvic floor muscles, I am not, I repeat, not having an less than adequate vagina.
I bought some medium sized Ben wa love balls, which reminded me of marbles from when I was a kid, I put them in and about an hour of tensing those muscles and the effect was near immediate. When I came to take them out I couldn't get to them, so I left them in and went on my date.
All throughout the date I had a smug-self-knowing smile, reminded that each time I rolled my pelvis forward I could feel the balls inside of me. That smile was wiped off my face when I went to the toilet and whilst weeing I heard "plink plink", the balls has escaped!! And now flushed to love ball heaven.
I felt that my pelvic floor muscles had been given a workout and have ordered some more online - this time from LoveHoney and with a handy pull-string for easy removal!

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