Wednesday, 30 September 2009

(Not) something for the weekend

Diary entry from November 2006
Well, well, well! Friday My best friend L's boyf dumps her out of the blue, so I postpone a couple of engagements and get pizza and ice cream delivered, it's time for manicures and pedicures. At first she was upset and defending his (stupid) decision, not much sugar was needed for her to start calling him all names under the sun. Stayed with L until she fell asleep. Saturday As part of a foursome, not a sexual foursome, I meet Mr Wilko, and he was just gorgeous, tall with broad shoulders and the deepest blue eyes. I'm so glad that I am wearing matching everything!!! Mr Wilko had the look of arrogance about him but the moment he smiled, I eased around him. I was dying for us to have loads in common but no, he's a rugby boy (can a 32/33 year old still be a boy?) into his dance music, and a generation apart on so many things. I was convinced he wasn't interested, but the night was fun all the same.
After being left in a cab with Mr W, conversation turned quickly to kisses, I have a momentary panic of 'what the fuck' but his tongue soothes any such worries and within seconds of being in his house I am up against the kitchen table he started kissing my left nipple, and then moves to my neck, I am so turned on, I feel the bulge in his jeans against my thigh (shit, I don't have any condoms on me) I ask him, he disappears, shouting for me to come upstairs, and ordering me to remove my top, my jeans, by the time I reach his bedroom I am dressed in boots, hold-ups, and underwear. It is requested that I keep my boots on and lifts me into his bed... Sunday Walking like John Wayne from the night before, I (just) make it for tea and cake with the girls, I don't mention my night of passionate - not sure why - maybe it's because it's my first intimate encounter since becoming single. Early night was needed. Note to self: Put condoms in handbag (!), an ex once said that he would never carry condoms as that would be assuming to get laid. My female friends say the girl shouldn't carry condoms as she would look easy...
I decide that I would prefer have them and not need them than need them and not have them.

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