Thursday, 16 July 2009

Mr Right Now

For the first time in my adult life I am happy in myself and truly happy being single.  Of course I crave the intimacy a relationship brings and nature's alarm clock (an erection nudging one's thighs) but I've stopped seeing someone just because they are cute, or intelligent, or get all my references to my favourite music, programmes and films as a teenager or make me more moist that I knew possible - what I am now looking for is a man than encompasses all the right qualities.  I am looking for a Mr Right, and going to avoid Mr Right Now.
As I type this a perfect Mr Right Now has just messaged me.  "What am I up to this week?", I have given him a comprehensive list, implying that I won't be around this weekend to wake up in his big strong arms, anyway, why is it the ones you like never smell in the morning, or if they do, you find it endearing.  
I could get out of my plans for at least one of the weekend nights to spend with him, but here and now (determined and sober) I'm going to be strong.

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