Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Born again virgin

Diary entry from November 2008
That dreaded question: "So, uhm, erm, how many men have you slept with?" I recoil. I am not ashamed about how many men I have lay with, I have said no to more than yes to. In fact I regret not saying yes more often. It's the fact that I have to decide whether the asker will judge the number. I believe that the number doesn't quantify you as a better lover or even an easier one. I can think of a three girls that have slept with just two men (not the same two men), but have given hundreds of blow jobs, yet they have a holier-than-thou number of two! From today I am a born again virgin. Clean slate, hymen back, innocently chaste. Hopefully to be touched for the very first time, soon...


  1. In your shoes I might reply, "More than you, I hope."

  2. Touché, I will certainly be using that in future.